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How to Download files in Slideshare without Login list! Latest 2020

Slideshare is one website that provides a lot of information that we can read in the form of files document, PDF, Power Point and so on. On the Slideshare website we can also share our documents, but with the requisite must login first.

But, unfortunately we can't download the file without logging in first. So those visitors who don't have a slideshare account can't download the files they want. It may be done because it is already the policy and the provisions of SlideShare.

Do not worry that you do not have a SlideShare account can still download the file you want in a certain way. You can download the file you want using the help of Simply Debrid. Simply Debrid is a link generator service that is used to download files from Slideshare.

Simply Debrid is not only used to download files from Slideshare only, but Simply Debrid can also be use to download files from similar websites such as 4shared, Zippyshare, Uptobox, Wushare, and so on. For how to download it see the fol…

Five advantages and disadvantages of using Samsung mobile

Since long ago, Samsung is one of the smartphones known to have good quality in the eyes of the community, until now still exist in the world of advanced technology. Even some circles love the smartphone product of this one. No wonder when we look at the artificial Smartphone from the Korean factory to be a many are interested of residents especially in Indonesia despite the price that soar even higher.

A special feature on each type of Samsung makes it an option other than the attractive design and specifications. There is even a feature that you can find only on Samsung smartphones so this can make it impress exclusively. There are many advantages offered by Samsung smartphones. However, all we need to know is that there is also a lack of accompanying.

If you are one of the many fans of Samsung smartphones it is good to know its advantages and also its shortcomings. So you will feel closer and know more clearly what is your need. Where can we know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Samsung mobile? Well, the description below will tell us more. Let's see.

Here's the pros and cons of using Samsung mobile

Advantages of Samsung Mobile:

Very Modern product design with a variety of new technologies. For some types of Samsung Galaxy, the design is more attractive, cool and unique color choices with modern and futuristic.

The Samsung service network is so vast. If you have problems with Samsung mobile you have, do not worry because there are many service centers that are ready to help you.

Equipped with the TouchWIZ UI which is included in the Android operation interface that has been customized by Samsung in such a way to make it easier in its operation.

Samsung Galaxy J, S, A and Note are several types equipped with AMOLED screens. This screen is from a premium class that is capable of producing sharper and clearer colors even if it is used in sunlight and is resistant to impact.

The main engine of the driver of this Samsung Smartphone is the Exynos 5 Octacore which is about its performance no doubt.

Disadvantages of Samsung Mobile:

Its full selling capacity is very low. This can happen due to Samsung's policy of making new products almost every month. So every month it may be that the Smartphone product you buy is outdated.

The resale price value is too low. Just like any other brand resale price This product can be very low if the product is resold.  However, this is really normal because the development of new products always emerge with the development of the era.

Samsung Mobile is still not able to rival its competitors. There are still many products that offer higher quality so that some people prefer and prioritize the quality of other products. Moreover, with the development of many competitors such as competing to produce the latest products with the best quality.

That's the advantages and disadvantages of using smartphones namely Samsung. Although there are advantages and also drawbacks, mobile brand Samsung is still very decent to be one of your best choice smartphones, considering the enthusiasts Hand brand Samsung this from year to year instead of shrinking but even more and more and Most people just start waiting-wait for new products released from Samsung.

However, of course as a mobile user you should always be wise, choose a mobile phone that suits your wishes and needs. Hopefully this information can be useful to all and thank you.