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How to Download files in Slideshare without Login list! Latest 2020

Slideshare is one website that provides a lot of information that we can read in the form of files document, PDF, Power Point and so on. On the Slideshare website we can also share our documents, but with the requisite must login first.

But, unfortunately we can't download the file without logging in first. So those visitors who don't have a slideshare account can't download the files they want. It may be done because it is already the policy and the provisions of SlideShare.

Do not worry that you do not have a SlideShare account can still download the file you want in a certain way. You can download the file you want using the help of Simply Debrid. Simply Debrid is a link generator service that is used to download files from Slideshare.

Simply Debrid is not only used to download files from Slideshare only, but Simply Debrid can also be use to download files from similar websites such as 4shared, Zippyshare, Uptobox, Wushare, and so on. For how to download it see the fol…

Nine ways to overcome a fast hot Android Smartphone

Most smartphones will have a drastic rise in temperature when used continuously. The heat caused usually comes from the battery or hardware embedded in the smartphone.

Well, if you have been or are experiencing a condition where the smartphone feels hot when gripped, don't panic. Just do some way of tackling a fast hot Android smartphone, as we have summarized below.

1. Replace the battery

If your Android smartphone is hot with fast battery drain and often suddenly shut down, the battery will be damaged. Replace it with a new one for normal smartphones.

2. Keep from heat

Sometimes, the heat of the smartphone does not come from the smartphone itself but because of outside influences. To fix this, keep your smartphone from the objects that emit heat such as televisions, ovens, or laptop fans.

3. Do not use a smartphone when it is on-charge

Using a smartphone when still stuck to the charger is not recommended because it will make the battery work harder. When done continuously, in addition to making the smartphone become hot fast, it can also result in fatal damage to the battery.

4. Turn off battery draining apps or connections

Many applications that although already you close but actually still run on the background. This is the one that causes battery drain and your smartphone to become hot. However, you need to worry because smartphones with the latest Android operating system already provide features that can stop all the activities of the app in the background. You simply activate it in the Settings menu.

In addition, it features that regulate connectivity such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS also drain a lot of battery power. Just turn off those features if you've not used them.

Being at an unreachable location the signal will also make your smartphone hot. Why so? In the place where the signal is bad, the smartphone will be louder and keep trying to find signals. This will consume a lot of battery power and make the smartphone fast becoming hot.

Another one that drains battery power is the LED light that doubles as a flashlight. Therefore, if not strictly necessary, do not turn on the flashlight for a long time.

5. Check for installed Apps

Monitor all applications on your smartphone at regular intervals. Sometimes, because of viruses or anything else, an app will run continuously without your knowledge. Frequent breaks enter in Task Manager on Android smartphone so that running applications can not necessarily directly you know.

6. Do not expose your smartphone

With the reason to provide more protection on smartphones, some users wear additional casing. But apparently, this additional casing can be one of the causes of smartphones to be hot fast.

The additional Casing will block the incoming signal on the smartphone so that the smartphone works hard to keep a signal. It drains a lot of battery power and the smartphone becomes fast hot. Remove the additional casing so that the air circulation can enter smoothly.

Create your own continuous activities with smartphones such as turning on GPS or watching videos, it's good to use a holder so that the hand does not come into contact with the smartphone.

7. Do not overclock the smartphone

A Smartphone that has been overclocked with the intention to increase its speed will consume a lot of battery power. Use the CPU Set to Underclock if overclocked on your smartphone you have a significant increase in heat.

8. Let stand the smartphone

This one is probably the easiest way that can be reliable when the smartphone feels very hot. Discontinue use and let stand until it is really cool. After that, reuse it as usual.

9. Reduce heat on smartphones with the application

The first application you can try to reduce the heat on your smartphone is Clean Master because it has one feature called CPU Cooler. The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install Clean Master on your smartphone and open it
  • On the Home select Phone Boost feature
  • In CPU Temperature at the top of click Check. Clean Master will scan any apps that cause heat on your smartphone.
  • After the application list appears cause overheat, click Cool Down and finish. Now You do not smartphone will experience overheat again.

The second application is DU Battery Saver which has Phone Cooler feature that works by managing applications that run on Backgroud. Here are the steps to use it.

  • Download and install DU Battery Saver on your smartphone.
  • Click on Phone Cooler and let DU Battery Saver scan your smartphone
  • When you're done, you'll see a list of apps that cause overheat. Click Cool Down and finish. Now your Smartphone will feel cooler.

Well, that's the above some ways to cope with Android smartphones are fast hot. Good luck. So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.