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How to Download files in Slideshare without Login list! Latest 2020

Slideshare is one website that provides a lot of information that we can read in the form of files document, PDF, Power Point and so on. On the Slideshare website we can also share our documents, but with the requisite must login first.

But, unfortunately we can't download the file without logging in first. So those visitors who don't have a slideshare account can't download the files they want. It may be done because it is already the policy and the provisions of SlideShare.

Do not worry that you do not have a SlideShare account can still download the file you want in a certain way. You can download the file you want using the help of Simply Debrid. Simply Debrid is a link generator service that is used to download files from Slideshare.

Simply Debrid is not only used to download files from Slideshare only, but Simply Debrid can also be use to download files from similar websites such as 4shared, Zippyshare, Uptobox, Wushare, and so on. For how to download it see the fol…

Seven Tips to buy laptops Online

Laptops are one of the most advanced devices that are now widely used. Although laptop prices are varied from cheap to expensive, those who want to buy certainly want a good and quality laptop. As for those who are less able to prefer to buy a used laptop. Now there are a lot of laptops that are in resale and still good. Most laptops are marketed online. So, it's important to pay attention to Tips on buying used laptops online so it's not easily fooled by naughty merchants.

Who does not want to benefit? Yeah, in today's era you have to act heartedly so as not to lose. There are many irresponsible persons faking their products to seem worthy of sale but not actually. Especially if you buy online, you can not see the product directly. So, you need to pay attention to some important things to avoid disappointment due to inappropriate products.

Nowadays, you can get a good laptop brand, although it is used but still recommended for you to have. It's just that you have to know the tricks to choose and check the laptop that is still good and according to the standards of the painting. You also need to know the features and characteristics of the laptop that is still normal. The various conditions and specifications offered by the seller should be seen.

Well, how to get a good used laptop that is cheap and quality you can get in the series of information below. This practical method you can also apply to buy various other devices ranging from mobile Android or Smartphone, tabs, iPad, computer and so on. Although it consists of the famous laptop brands like Asus, HP, Apple, Samsung, Acer and others, at least you should know the powerful tips to distinguish which are good and which are not his below.

Tips for buying used laptops online

1. Check Market Update Price

The first thing, you have to be a wise buyer. What kind of sage? You should know first the market price for the type of laptop that you will buy it how much. So you can also get the product at the appropriate price. In general, used laptops have a price dropped from 20% to 40% depending on the condition of the goods and the duration of usage. If you finally find the price that is too high from the market price at the time, then you should think – think first and what makes it expensive as it is. Conversely if the price is too cheap, what makes it so very cheap.

2. Don't be easy to trust

The most important thing is to don't easily trust the people you just know online. There are usually people who are smart in the politics of us. What does it mean? Here's what the seller said about the condition of a laptop, think that it's not necessarily the real thing. Usually the seller will cover the existing defects so that the good is visible. So there are many people who want to buy the goods. But you'd better need to make sure yourself and don't be easy to believe.

3. Choose a trusted and responsive seller

Before determining the choice of a laptop that you will buy the most important is the seller. Don't just focus on the outside of the laptop, but you should also pay attention to the seller. Can he be said to be trustworthy and have a good track record. Is there a history or a testimonial of sales. Once you have selected the seller and model of the appropriate laptop and you are looking for, do not forget to ask also the availability of the goods and see also how the seller replies to your responsive question or not.

4. Check Directly laptop specifications

Although buying online, you should still pay attention to the specifications of the laptop that you will purchase carefully. You need to come directly to the seller to discuss more about the laptop. Is his device complete including his software and hardware? Is all still going well and functioning? How is its battery endurance? Or how is its light intensity, laptop response or loading rate when operated? All specifications should be seen in detail.

Look for sellers who write clear product descriptions that include both excess and downside. If there is still a lack of understanding, make sure you ask the seller more details. You also need to compare the specifications of the laptop with the price shown accordingly or not.

5. Warranty and length of use

You will definitely be delighted to get a laptop with a valid warranty. However, the risks paid are not much different than those in new conditions. We recommend before purchasing the warranty and the length of use of the laptop. Try to choose the type of laptop with long usage time is at least short enough like 2 to 4 months.

Don't forget to ask for any previous use, whether the previous use is reasonable or something heavy for gaming or multimedia that drains extra performance from the computer. From the length of usage and history of use, here you can predict whether a laptop can be said to be worthy of you or not.

6. Prioritize Cash on Delivery

Well, next for those of you who want to check directly the condition of the goods, preferably priority option COD or Cash on Delivery during the purchase process. Choose right that is safe and close to the crowd and you can invite friends who understand about the laptop so that you can easily in checking.

However, for those of you who may have been convinced of the seller and the specs of the laptop, you can choose a secure payment option such as a Bank account or a shared account or Rekber. Provide detailed notes such as extra packing so that the package is safe during the expedition process.

7. Check back

By doing Cash on Delivery, you can check directly in front of the seller. Things that you can check is the condition of the screen, button, port, and the completeness of the laptop and features in a used laptop, make sure that all can be as it should be. If you see a chart that doesn't match the description try asking and discussing with the seller. If the product has a disability that you do not know and cannot be negotiated, you will not have to accept the item and you can cancel it.

This is the basic thing that you need to know about how to get the best used laptop. This way, of course, will get you a laptop with good durability, good specs, avoid viruses and the important thing can help you do well in your various activities. Good for doing school assignments, for work and so forth.

Thus, you do not need to buy a new laptop if you can now get a good second laptop at a cheap price. Every purchase of used goods do not forget to apply the above in detail most especially online purchase. A well-known online buying app that's been popular with good stuff for example Lazada, Shopee, OLX, a good store, Tokopedia and many more. Stay careful – heart and good luck!