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How to Download files in Slideshare without Login list! Latest 2020

Slideshare is one website that provides a lot of information that we can read in the form of files document, PDF, Power Point and so on. On the Slideshare website we can also share our documents, but with the requisite must login first.

But, unfortunately we can't download the file without logging in first. So those visitors who don't have a slideshare account can't download the files they want. It may be done because it is already the policy and the provisions of SlideShare.

Do not worry that you do not have a SlideShare account can still download the file you want in a certain way. You can download the file you want using the help of Simply Debrid. Simply Debrid is a link generator service that is used to download files from Slideshare.

Simply Debrid is not only used to download files from Slideshare only, but Simply Debrid can also be use to download files from similar websites such as 4shared, Zippyshare, Uptobox, Wushare, and so on. For how to download it see the fol…

Six must-have apps in student laptops

The application is a computer program that is created to work on and execute specific tasks of the user or software used for specific purposes, such as document processing, setting up Windows &, games, and so on. Various applications have been on the internet there are free and there are also paying. If you are a student or a prospective student then you should be aware of any application that must be installed on your laptop, here are the applications that must be on your laptop.

Six must-have apps in student laptops

1. Mircosoft Office

Yes, this is the first order for a mandatory application in the student laptop, Microsoft Office is a Microsoft-made application and is designed to run under the operating system Windows and Mac OS X. Some applications in Microsoft Office that Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

This application is a very important application to do the task, create a report for students, this application is also used for office people.

2. Browser

Browser is an application that is used to access website pages. Examples include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox. At the moment the most used Browser and the most excellent functions are Mozilla and Google Chrome.

If you are a student you should choose one of the above browsers to use Browsing, search for coursework, download tasks, or just search for entertainment by watching YouTube videos, downloading movies, downloading games and still Many other things you can do if you've already installed a Browser on your laptop.

3. Internet Download Manager

In the third order there is an application often called Internet Download Manager. This is an application that allows us to retrieve data from the Internet or can be called as well with the term Download or download. The difference is that if we are uploading data from our laptop, it is called Roar.

There is a lot of use of IDM for us, including it is easier for us to retrieve data from the Internet which is a PDF file, music, Video and others. With the IDM we can take data from the Internet quickly and easily without waiting for a long time.

4. PDF Reader

In addition to Microsoft Office, PDF Reader is also a must have installed in the student laptop. PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format created by Adobe System, Inc. Files of this type are very popular and are widely used by students and office employees. PDFS are often used in ebook form because they can be easily unlocked using a variety of free apps.

To be able to open PDF files we need an application called PDF Reader which is widely available to use both paid and free for your laptop. Why this PDF Reader is important, because at the time you lecture sometimes our lecturers give assignments and tell us to collect the task in the form of a. PDF file.

5. MP3 and Video Player

Students also need entertainment such as watching movies or just listening to songs. If you want to play movies on your laptop, you must have one of the video player application that is Media Player Classic (K Lite Codec) named Classic but does not make this application old. MPC is very powerful for playing video file types. MPC continues to exist and is difficult to rival. There are also similar apps like Gom Player, KM Player. If to play mp3 there Winamp still exist since the first glide on Windows OS, but already not provided the latest update.

With the Equalizer and Playlist Settings feature will be quite at home in the laptop music lovers. Following Gimp layer with tray playing feature makes this player worth considering. It's an app to play videos or songs on your laptop, so you should have one of those apps.

6. Game

This game application is compulsory for everyone including students, if you are a student you have ever felt stress and dizziness because most of the tasks given by the lecturer. Besides watching movies and Browsing You can also play games on your laptop to relieve stress, but remember never forget the time when playing the game.

There are many types of games that exist, namely RPG (Role Playing Game), Strategy, Sports, Simulation, Racing, FPS (First Person Shooting), Fighting and Action Adventure. You can choose the type of game you like to relieve your head of stress.

That is some application that students must have, if you think this article is useful do not forget to like and share to your social networks, if you have questions do not be shy to comment below. And thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Thanks.