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How to Download files in Slideshare without Login list! Latest 2020

Slideshare is one website that provides a lot of information that we can read in the form of files document, PDF, Power Point and so on. On the Slideshare website we can also share our documents, but with the requisite must login first.

But, unfortunately we can't download the file without logging in first. So those visitors who don't have a slideshare account can't download the files they want. It may be done because it is already the policy and the provisions of SlideShare.

Do not worry that you do not have a SlideShare account can still download the file you want in a certain way. You can download the file you want using the help of Simply Debrid. Simply Debrid is a link generator service that is used to download files from Slideshare.

Simply Debrid is not only used to download files from Slideshare only, but Simply Debrid can also be use to download files from similar websites such as 4shared, Zippyshare, Uptobox, Wushare, and so on. For how to download it see the fol…

Four Tips for saving Internet quota on latest Android phones

In today's digital era, Internet connection is definitely a necessity of everyone especially Smartphone users. Almost every day everyone accesses the Internet whether it is to browse search information, to exist in social media or simply for entertainment by playing online games as well as streaming videos.

Not to mention social media, there is a lot of social media that is now very popular and almost everybody has such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so forth. It also impact on the higher purchases of Internet packaging, all mobile providers and carriers now provide a variety of the latest cheap Internet quota packages that can be used by all smartphone users to surf In cyberspace.

This time the admin will discuss one of the things that many people complained of is the problem of Internet quota that is quickly exhausted in mobile Android.

Nowadays the majority of people are using Android as a flagship phone, many people do not know if there are some things that make use of wasteful quota. Here's how to fix it.

1. Revamp Google Maps feature into Offline Mode

All the brands of Android smartphones from Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and others must have built-in Google Maps apps in them. This application is indeed a mandatory apk for smartphones because now it is a lot that need a signposts application to travel somewhere. But are you aware? The continuously burning features of maps can make the use of Internet quota in mobile Android become extravagant? To disable it, you can change the maps setting to Mode offline by touching the search bar on top of the maps app and then sliding or scrool down and on the save map to use offline option, click on that option to make the maps feature so off.

2. Choose a data-saving Android Browser

There are many browser applications ranging from Google Chrome, Mozilla, UC Browser and Opera Mini, of course each browser has the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them to emulate the use of data when used to surf the internet. Therefore make sure the browser that you use is a data-saving browser, to be precise what depends, but if according to the admin, Opera Mini can be more efficient quota than chrome and Mozilla.

3. Stop sync options on Android

For those of you who often login Facebook account and various social media is definitely synchronization will be active, there are many accounts that are automatically synchronized on an Android smartphone and this feature obviously makes the usage of Internet quota become wasteful. To stop it, you just need to open the Phone Settings menu, account and please deactivate the account that is rarely used.

4. Restrict use of apps that are wasteful quota

Of course, there are many applications installed on your smartphone? We recommend that once you identify any application that wasteful the quota and if it is too wasteful, please restrict the use of the application. Usually the wasteful apk of quotas is an app that is always connected to the internet like Instagram for example, and there are many more applications that suck up too big quota.

That's the information about some tips on how to save Internet quota package in mobile Android, hopefully with the above tips can help you to save more quota because however now the price of quota is quite expensive.

So many information can be given, hopefully can give a useful information for all. Thanks.